CBD is entering a renaissance where people are using it for many things. From health, hospital, festival, foods, and now clothing. This natural plant-based substance known for its calming properties has found itself inside clothing. CBD Pre rolls are intertwined with threads that can help improve pain, soothe you, and aid sleep. In the summer, when people are active, they are more prone to pain or stress.

These clothing may reduce your inflammation after going to that summer party. If you want to jump on this trend, our top 5 picks are here.

CBD-infused Stirrup Leggings

It may seem like your regular leggings, but it comes with something different. Intertwined in the fabric of these leggings is CBD. It is infused with CBD oil to increase comfort. It goes for $65 on amazon. The design from HUE also comes with cute stirrups around your feet. This gives you a feeling of protection. Whether you are going to the gym, going for brunch, yoga, or picking up the groceries, it would look good. After a stressful day, it could help heal those achy muscles.

CBD-infused Pajamas

Summer days can get hot, but that does not mean your night has to be hot. These pajamas have beautiful long sleeves that cover you up. It was created to ease your sleep after a long day. It comes in different shades, but black is our favorite. The CBD-infused nightwear costs $140 on Amazon. You could get a different set that does not have a hemp leaf pattern on its waistband. When you slip into these pajamas, it makes you feel free and improves rest. Thus, leaving you feeling more energetic for the next day. Know that this is a HUE product.

CBD- infused Sports Bra

This sports bra is for our ladies that want to show a little skin and sporty summer vibes. The sports bra costs $120. It is part of Acabada activewear’s sports line. When you wear this, you will perform at your best. If you want to help ease the soreness that your workout brings. This sports bra may be for you. It comes in white and black. Also, it has an elastic band below it to give you that protective feeling.

CBD Compression Gloves

Whether you are a fan of cycling or just lifting weights, this glove is for you. These gloves promise to reduce pain in your hands, like after a workout or cycling outside. It could help with circulation and oxygenation. It also helps that these gloves are pretty stylish. It comes in black and has this postmodern futuristic look. So, it doesn’t just make you feel good but look good. It is produced by CopperFit and costs $20.

CBD-infused Jackets

Nothing says ‘cool’ like a jacket during the summer. This activewear jacket comes in a camo-esque black and white design. This jacket gives you both a high fashion look and comfort. With the CBD oil mixed with the jacket, Acabada promises this jacket will improve your wellness while still looking good. The process of this CBD infusion in the jacket is done by microencapsulation. Microencapsulation keeps an active agent (CBD) stored with a protective layer (the fabric). This jacket costs $250. So, start saving up.


The concept of CBD clothing is an interesting one. The fact remains that it is here now, and it is safe. Therefore, there is no harm in trying them out.

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