Enrique Zaragoza is the founder of Nachhaltiger Sport (a blog for sports sustainability) and an eco-warrior. He is well-experienced in racing (800m), the most challenging track race that requires balance in endurance and speed. He also loves climbing, ski mountaineering, track running, and hiking.

Zaragoza has played various positions in the field of sports including being a sports organizer, sports manager, educator, education consultant, and performance trainer. Moreover, he developed an interest in sports sustainability, which later became his passion when he joined a marathon in Geneva.

He was impressed when he witnessed a sports event that emphasized water care. Zaragoza was amazed at how participants enjoy the sports without compromising on water care. Fascinated by the idea of combining sustainability and sports, he launched a blog named Nachhaltiger Sport in 2013.

This blog focuses on enjoying sports sustainability. In this blog, people can learn how to create an ecologically friendly environment, share resources, information and learn to support each other for a better and sustainable future.

Training Sustainably

According to Zaragoza, one way to train sustainably is to run or cycle to the gym as a warm-up instead of riding a car. He also says that there is a need to use sustainable sports equipment which is made from wood other than traditional fitness equipment that is made from plastic and metal.

If you love drinking protein shakes and coffee, make sure that you use a reusable cup. Fitness wear is an issue when it comes to sustainable training and Zaragoya says that it is difficult to solve. Fitness enthusiasts wear two popular options as polyester and cotton.

Although cotton is a natural product, it is not eco-friendly since it has to be imported. On the other hand, polyester is from natural oil and can be reused. However, microfibres are released when it is washed and they can be harmful to the water bodies.

Hence, there is a need to search for a more sustainable alternative material for fitness wear. Also, to invest in durable sportswear that would limit washing artificial material.