Stand-Up Paddleboarding or SUP is a summer sport that has won the hearts of many. Because of the lockdown and restrictions, people are forced to spend vacations at home. This is the right time to explore a local activity that promotes fitness and relaxation without compromising on the fun.

How to Paddle

If you like to experience this paddling activity, you need to have the courage to stand still on a board with a paddle in your hand. While this may sound easy, you risk falling into the water if you are not careful.

To avoid this, you must learn and practice the techniques. The right way to do it is by placing your feet apart at the handle’s height, slightly bend your legs, and paddle away. This sport engages most of your muscles and is an effective whole body workout. It helps to strengthen the back, stomach, and upper body muscles.

Paddle Over to River, Ocean, and Sea

For the best paddling experience, search for the closest river, lake, or bay. It is entirely different from canoe or kayak as you need to stand up and get your balance on board. This kind of sport is ideal for people who love nature and use it to get away from stress and clear their minds.