Tina Holmes, who is the Director of People & Culture of Amorelie believes that work and fitness go together. She believes that working out together and helping each other is possible.

Tina is passionate about sports and she has an interest in fitness. She also loves swimming as it helps her build endurance. Tina practices yoga to maintain her body and mind balance. Fitness makes her able to meet new people and this helps to keep her going.

Moreover, her team is into sports, especially beach volleyball. According to Tina, playing and getting fit together allows her employees to explore and know each other away from work.

How the Pandemic Has Contributes to Mental Issues

The pandemic brought a considerable challenge for team Amorelie as the sports opportunities were limited due to lockdown. Tina was reminded of the difficult times because of restrictions, but she was proud to say that they handled the circumstances well. Although they were challenged mentally, she introduced a lot of new things to support and help her team effectively.

For instance, virtual yoga, sponsored walks, and meditations were initiated in. They also launched an open conversation among employees that are dealing with emotional and mental crises.