The current pandemic has affected various industries including the sports industry. Sports enthusiasts have not been able to go to the gym regularly as was the norm. Nevertheless, most sportspeople have rekindled their passion for fitness training during unprecedented times and continued their journey at home.

With the life threat brought by Coronavirus, health is the utmost priority for the majority. Fortunately, sports and fitness can be done indoors, outdoors, or virtually. Here is what to expect in 2021.

Outdoor is the Best Option

This year, most fitness fans will be taking their fitness journey outdoors, especially during the sunnier and brighter days. Eventually, most gyms will adjust and carry their equipment outdoors. It is expected that most people will find training outside more enjoyable and become a trend in this year’s fitness journey.

Mental Training will Be Popular

Yoga, pilates, and other mental training exercises can help you set the right mindset to connect with body and mind. These exercises can help you reduce stress, maintain balance and flexibility, and encourage body awareness.

According to research, functional training will be combined with mental training exercises like Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and meditation. This can help attain the right balance between mental and physical training.