Did you know that breathing in and out generates energy and helps you become fit? Breathing is considered a normal process but doing it consciously could be beneficial to both your mind and body.

Your day should start by doing breathing exercises.  Learning and practicing breathing techniques can positively impact your life and aid in finding your connection and peace within yourself.

Conscious breathing brings power to the world of sports. Proper breathing techniques help to prepare athletes for their workouts, acquire more energy, improve concentration, cool down after sports, and fight fatigue.

Full Power

Breathing is beneficial for the body and can have a positive effect on your mental state. There are different breathing exercises that you can do, such as calming exercises like Nadi Shodana. Through this exercise, you can relax your mind and body and boost your energy.

Another breathing exercise is the Surya Bheda, which gently energizes your body and mind to regain your energy. When you are able to reconnect through conscious breathing, you can achieve maximum performance and full potential when you work out.

Eliminates Distractions

With the restrictions that come with the lockdown, there are many challenges that you may encounter. Some people find it difficult working from home and adjusting to the new normal. However, with conscious breathing techniques like Nadi Shohama, you will calm down and be able to focus on important things.