Have you heard of posture training and improvement? Being able to improve your posture is an effective way to achieve weight loss. Knowing how to improve your posture is key to accurately working your postural muscles so that your body becomes more efficient. Aside from weight loss, another benefit of posture improvement is body toning.

On the other hand, poor posture is identical to bad skeletal alignment, which is usually triggered by muscular imbalance. Unfortunately, this condition is not easy to rectify, even in the long run, by any posture device or posture corrector.

There are quite some postural muscles totalling in the hundreds. This includes breathing and spinal muscles. It also includes deep muscle layers at every joint. You can’t see these muscles unless you have x-ray vision, but you can feel when they are active or dormant in your body.

This article answers the likely questions you may have concerning posture training.

How Does Posture Affect Body Weight?

The human body is well connected, and that’s why transforming one’s skeletal alignment to attain a good posture will require the body to burn more calories and achieve weight loss in the process. This is because there’s a structure in the human body known as the connective tissue. It’s everywhere in the body. It’s responsible for connecting all the muscles to the skeletal system.

If you have poor skeletal alignment, this means that your connective tissue cannot effectively link all your body muscles to the skeleton. This also means that your muscles will not function properly, leading to muscular imbalance and dysfunction. This imbalance extends to the body, slowing down metabolism and burning of calories.

Does Good Posture Burn More Calories?

When your spinal muscles and deep muscle layers are not properly functioning, your muscles, organs, bones, soft tissues, and joints will be poorly positioned. The result of this is that your connective tissue will be strained and deconditioned, and instead of the usual fine and smooth webbing, it will be constricted.

This slows our body down and makes it increasingly inefficient in a lot of ways. In summary, with poor posture, your body burns fewer calories.

How Long Does It Take to Achieve Weight Loss Through Posture Improvement Exercises?

The time it takes to see results will rely on a number of factors such as:

  • The period of the muscle imbalance condition
  • Degree of severity of muscle imbalance
  • The severity of deconditioning of the connective tissue

Fortunately, the human body can heal. When we decide to take the attainment of a good skeletal alignment and great posture seriously, our body is on its way to improving the condition of its connective tissue. You will not only have several muscles functioning to burn more calories in the body, but you will also experience a quicker metabolism, as this is key to burning calories effectively.

Posture improvement exercises make up the perfect recipe for improving the body’s ability to burn calories presently and in the future.

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